Are you a US Advisor whose client has a UK Pension?

If you are an accountant, lawyer or wealth advisor and have a client who has lived or worked in the UK, have you ever asked that client whether he/she:

  • Has UK pension plans or retirement schemes?
  • Knows how they are being managed and what benefits they may provide at retirement?

Typically, the first question a US based advisor will ask us is whether their client can transfer their UK pension into a US based retirement plan. Unfortunately, US retirement plans are not permitted by the IRS to accept a transfer of funds from a UK pension.

UK pension and retirement plans can be complicated for individuals living in the US, but can also provide very valuable and flexible retirement assets alongside their US wealth.

Florin Pensions specializes in providing solutions for managing a client’s UK pension assets. We regularly work with US based advisors to help their clients understand, manage and optimize their UK pensions in line with their overall retirement strategy.

If you would like to discuss your client’s circumstances to help you and your client understand what options are available in relation to a UK pension, contact our pension transfer specialists for an initial consultation.