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UK Pension News

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Traditional Final Salary Pensions in Terminal Decline

The UK Pensions Minister has acknowledged that “traditional final salary defined benefit schemes…..are in terminal decline”. This statement forms the backdrop to a consultation issued by the Department of Work and Pensions in November 2013 putting forward proposals for reshaping workplace pensions in the future. MORE FLEXIBLITY FOR EMPLOYERS TO CHANGE THE RULES OF THEIR […]

USForex Florin Pensions Seminar

Brits in Bay Area RSVP now for USForex and Florin Pensions 9 October Seminar

You are invited to a special event with guest speakers from Florin Pensions LLC, USForex and Margetts Fund Management where we will discuss topics including: Your options with your UK pension, how changes in pension legislation effect you, and moving your pension out of the UK The best way to send international payments and the […]

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UK Proposes New Single-Tier State Pension

In January this year, the Queen’s Speech outlined proposals to overhaul the current UK state pension system in the Pensions Bill 2013-14 (the “Bill”). While this will only affect people who reach state pension age after April 2016, the proposals will create both winners and losers. The winners generally include the self-employed (who currently only […]

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Crackdown on Pension Liberation Schemes Continues

Since 2008, the UK Pension Regulator estimates that over £400 million of UK pension savings has been transferred into so called “pension liberation” schemes. This is a dramatic increase from less than £25m in 2010. Pension liberation (sometimes referred to as a “pension loan” or “cashing out”) involves the transfer of a person’s UK pension […]

New Fixed Protection Regime to be Introduced

From 6 April 2014 the UK Government is reducing the Lifetime Allowance (“LTA”) from £1.5MM to £1.25MM. The LTA was introduced by the UK Government in April 2006 and was a limit against which an individual’s pension is measured. Although there are no limits to how much an individual can save into their UK pension […]