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Is it RIP for RPI in the UK? Not Quite Yet…

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) and the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) are both indices that give a rate of inflation based on the prices of certain goods. However, they are calculated differently and economists generally agree that CPI is a more accurate measure of inflation. In 1996, the Office for National Statistics removed RPI’s status […]

What is a Frozen UK Pension and Do You Have One?

It is not uncommon for UK expatriates to see adverts telling them to “unfreeze” their UK pension. However, what does this mean and do you actually have a “frozen” pension? A frozen UK pension is usually referring to a pension with a former employer where no further contributions are being paid into it. Whilst people […]

BABC 2019 Brits in the Bay Offered Valuable Perspectives on Tax, Immigration and More

With a background in law and risk management, Emma Cockerton has a wealth of knowledge in financial planning for Brits living and working in America.

Join Us for an Evening of Expat Experts in Conversation in San Francisco

Florin Pensions is delighted to be part of the British-American Business Council’s upcoming 2019 Brits in the Bay event.

Income Drawdown Proves Most Popular Way to Access UK Pension

A recent poll of financial advisers in the UK has confirmed that more than half of people are likely to access their UK pension pots through income drawdown.