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UK Pension Transfer FAQ's

Follow our UK Pension Transfer FAQ page for answers to your UK Pension Transfer questions. All our articles are tailored to UK expats living in the USA. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for news and updates.

What type of UK pension do I have and how do I get details on it?

It can be difficult to find up to date information on your UK pension(s), particularly if you have accumulated a few over the course of employment in the UK. Read More

How do I take advantage of the new UK pension flexibilities?

On 6 April 2015, the UK government introduced new UK pension freedoms which are revolutionizing how people are now able to access their UK personal and occupational pensions. Read More

What happens to my UK pension when I die?

Understanding what pension benefits your loved ones would be entitled to in the event of your death is, therefore, very important. Such benefits can differ considerably depending upon your pension scheme. Read More

When I die, is it true that the UK will charge a 55% tax on my pension when it passes to my beneficiaries?

As part of the UK’s new pension flexibilities, from 6 April 2015, the UK’s 55% death tax that used to apply in certain circumstances has been abolished. Read More

How do the new UK pension flexibilities affect my defined benefit/final salary scheme?

While the new UK pension flexibilities are enabling people to manage their pensions much more freely, for those with public sector defined benefit schemes, the UK government has banned any transfer to other types of pensions (like personal pensions) to take advantage of the increased flexibility. Read More