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UK Pension Transfer FAQ's

Follow our UK Pension Transfer FAQ page for answers to your UK Pension Transfer questions. All our articles are tailored to UK expats living in the USA. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for news and updates.

Can I transfer any type of UK pension to a SIPP and what are the benefits?

Yes, most UK pension plans are able to be transferred to a SIPP. There can be a number of benefits to transferring your existing UK pension to a SIPP. Read More

As an expatriate, isn’t a QROPS always the best option for a UK pension transfer?

Consideration needs to be given to the person’s country of residence, which can have tax implications in relation to how the transfer is treated by the local tax authorities and whether a double taxation agreement is in place between the QROPS jurisdiction and the person’s country of residence. Read More

How long does a pension transfer take?

UK pension plan administrators vary widely in the speed of their response to pension transfer enquiries and the transfer of funds. Read More

Am I entitled to a UK State Pension when living abroad?

If you worked in the UK you may qualify for a UK State Pension. A UK State Pension is payable to residents in the US at the same index linked rate as if you were living in the UK. If you have enough insurance under both US and UK schemes to qualify, you can receive state pensions from both countries. Read More

What is the UK final salary pension transfer ban and does it apply to my pension?

The UK Government was concerned that more people in public and private sector final salary schemes would want to transfer their pensions out of these schemes to gain access to their pension pots (through what is called a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV)) to take advantage of this increased flexibility. Read More