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About Us

For over 10 years, Florin Pensions has been helping clients in the US understand their UK pensions.

British Expats Specializing in UK Pensions in the US

We are one of very few US based and regulated investment advisory firms with the knowledge and expertise to assist US resident clients with their UK pensions.

We work with clients across the US, leveraging strong relationships with leading UK pension providers and investment managers to help our clients meet their retirement goals.

Why Work With Us?

Our core purpose is to provide you with clarity and control over your UK pension(s).

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We have been helping people in the US with their occupational and personal UK pensions for over 10 years.

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Our Florin Pensions’ advisors can work across the US to provide you with local advice.

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Benefit from working with the same dedicated Florin Pensions’ advisor before and during retirement.

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We’ve built strong relationships with UK pension providers and investment managers for the benefit of clients like you.

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We will keep you up to date with changing UK pensions’ legislation and how it could impact your UK pension.

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We’ll work with your US tax, legal and wealth advisors to understand your UK pension in the context of your overall financial needs.

Our Community

As part of Florin Pensions’ commitment to engage with, and contribute to, the British expatriate community in the US, we are active supporters of these organizations and charities.

BBS, Benefiting Brits Since 1856, Logo

British Benevolent Society

The British Benevolent Society provides financial aid and compassionate relief to British citizens in need throughout the Western United States.

Bristish-American Business Council, Logo

British American Business Councils

Florin Pensions is a member of a number of British American Business Councils in the United States.

Saint George's Society, New York, Est 1770, Logo

St. George’s Society of New York

Florin Pensions is a proud member of the St. George’s Society of New York, a charity established in 1770 to provide aid to New York’s most vulnerable.

Locate in USA, Logo

Locate in USA

Florin Pensions is a founding member of Locate in USA, an organization made up of British expatriates who provide useful resources for people looking to relocate to the US.

Play Rugby USA, Logo

Play Rugby USA

Play Rugby USA is a charity founded by British expat Mark Griffin MBE that empowers and inspires disadvantaged young people to go forward and realize their true potential.

Britevents Northwest

Britevents Northwest

Connecting people from all backgrounds and nationalities to British culture, past and present as well as celebrating British heritage by organizing and sponsoring face to face events and online activities.