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UK Pension Transfer

When you move to the US, it is not uncommon to want to simplify your finances. Depending on the type of UK pension you have, and your needs, there can be benefits to doing a UK pension transfer.

The Benefits of a UK Pension Transfer

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US Focused

We use UK pension providers dedicated to operating fully flexible pensions for US persons.

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Taking Control

Make sense of your UK pension in the context of your overall US financial needs.

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Having the ability to consolidate more than one UK pension into one easier to manage pension.

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Pension Flexibility

Being able to determine your own pension drawdown strategy and to retain the capital value of your UK pension.

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Having Florin Pensions simplify the management of your UK pension giving you peace of mind.

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Investment Options

Being able to determine your GBP or USD investment strategy with Florin Pensions based upon your risk appetite.

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Death Benefits

Providing choices in the way any death benefits may be paid to your dependents and/or beneficiaries.

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Ongoing Advice & Support

You will receive ongoing pensions and investment advice from your dedicated US based Florin Pensions advisor.

Why is a Pension Review Important?

Whether you have one or several UK pensions, a UK pension transfer into a new UK personal pension can have many advantages. But it may not always be the right answer. Your current pension may have certain guarantees which, upon transfer, could be lost. Some older UK pension plans can also have high exit charges. For reasons like these, it is important to get advice from a financial advisor before making any decision to transfer your UK pension.

Talk to an Advisor

Whether or not your UK pension is a significant part of your retirement savings, with the right guidance and advice, it can play a meaningful role in your retirement.

Talk to an Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

The transfer of a UK occupational pension scheme or personal pension plan to any US retirement account is not permitted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, there can be benefits to transferring your UK pension to a fully flexible UK pension like a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). Before determining whether a pension transfer could be of benefit, it is important for a financial advisor to understand your retirement needs and objectives.