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Ongoing Advice

Your advisor at Florin Pensions will continue to provide you with ongoing UK pensions and investment advice to keep you on track with your retirement goals.

Ongoing Advice

Following a UK pension transfer, Florin Pensions continues to provide you with ongoing support.

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Single Point of Contact

Your dedicated Florin Pensions advisor will be your single point of contact for your UK pension & investments.

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Annual Review

We offer an annual review and adjust your pension and investment strategy with you as plans change.

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On Your Team

We’ll work with your US tax, legal and/or wealth advisors to integrate your UK pension into your overall financial plan.

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Drawing Your Pension

When the time is right, we’ll provide advice on taking your UK pension income, based on your personal situation and financial goals.

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Your Florin Pensions advisor will keep you up to date with changes to UK pension legislation that could affect you.

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We provide beneficiaries with advice and support to manage the UK pensions they inherit.

In most cases, when you turn 55 (or 57 from 2028), you have several options to access your UK workplace or personal pensions. How and when you start to access your UK pension(s) will depend on your retirement goals and the type of pension(s) you have. Options can include:

  • Doing nothing
  • Flexi-access drawdown
  • 100% lump sum payment
  • Partial lump sum payments
  • Annuity
  • Drawing your defined benefit pension
  • Taking the CETV of your defined benefit pension and transferring it into a personal pension to access other retirement income options
  • Choosing a combination of the above to suit your specific retirement goals

Living in the US can make it hard to know what UK retirement income options will best meet your retirement goals. It can be complicated to compare the options yourself and what is best for you will depend on many factors. We can help. To learn more about the options available contact a Florin Pensions advisor.

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Whether or not your UK pension is a significant part of your retirement savings, with the right guidance and advice, it can play a meaningful role in your retirement.