Case Study


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After being a client of Florin Pensions for over 7 years, Doug sadly passed away at the age of 79 leaving his wife Katie (78) and adult son.

It was Doug’s wish that his wife inherited 100% of his UK Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) which was invested with a UK fund manager Florin Pensions works with that offers UK risk rated fund of funds. As soon as Florin Pensions was made aware of Doug’s passing, we were able to step in and assist Katie, Katie’s son and their US wealth advisor understand his UK SIPP and liaise with his UK SIPP provider. We advised on what options were available to the beneficiary of a UK SIPP and assist Katie with the beneficiary paperwork required by Doug’s UK SIPP provider.

After reviewing all options as a team, Katie decided she wanted to retain her inherited UK SIPP (a beneficiary SIPP) and is drawing it down over time whilst keeping it invested. Florin Pensions continues to advise Katie on her UK SIPP investments and pension drawdown. We recently assisted Katie with the process of obtaining a UK non-tax code which enables her to receive her pension drawdown income gross of UK income tax (with the income being reported/taxable in the US).