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Sevens Rugby in Las Vegas

Enjoying the Best of British at the US Sevens Rugby in Las Vegas

03 March, 2017

British born, highly competitive, and making something a splash in the US. We speak, of course, of the sport of rugby, and the US Sevens Rugby which take place March 3rd-5th in Las Vegas. Florin Pensions will be there, spending time with some valued clients, and enjoying a weekend packed with proper British sport.

This year, English, Scottish and Welsh men’s rugby teams square off against international talent from countries like France, South Africa and New Zealand, while Ireland and England will also be competing in the women’s tournament. We’re looking forward to soaking up the ambience of the USA Sevens weekend. As sporting expats, we’ll be cheering on Team USA (at least until they face-off against the Home Nations on Saturday afternoon, then all bets are off, even in Las Vegas).

To borrow a sporting analogy, our clients leave nothing on the field and that includes the fate of their British personal and company pensions. Florin specializes in helping expats transfer their British private pensions and manage their overall retirement assets in the US. If you’re looking to maximise the benefits of your UK private pension while you live and work abroad, get in touch with us.

Image credit: Bdhanson